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242T Squires Student Center

Hello Oboe Students

Welcome to the VT oboe studio! I’m looking forward to working with each of you on strengthening your oboe skills and musicality as well as deepening your awareness and love of the instrument and developing your ability to teach it.

Together we will cultivate and improve your technical ability on the oboe. This work is central to everything we will do. It involves the practice of exercises and etudes that stress digital dexterity throughout all keys. This important work will then always be applied to your solo repertoire and issues of musicality like phrasing, dynamics, starting and stopping notes, and vibrato. In addition, we will address the physical aspects of playing the oboe…breathing, blowing, embouchure, hand position and reeds. Nothing should be more important to an oboist than having several good reeds available at all times. You and I will have a lot of discussion and study about what constitutes a good reed. And your playing will improve dramatically as you learn to trust and play a stable and responsive reed. I promise.

For all this fun and exciting work, you are going to need some specific books and supplies. The absolute essential things on the lists are marked with an asterisk *. You should buy these things before we start lessons in the Fall. Additional items will be assigned individually as they become relevant to you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

See you soon!

Professor Parrish

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