Jende/Shapton System

Quote from the president of Jende Industries: "Shapton Professional Series Ceramic Sharpening Stones are probably the world's most incredible sharpening stones! I have tried everything, and these blew me away. Trust me, NOTHING compares to the results of the Shapton Stones. They are worth their weight in gold."

For the Jende Reed Knives, there is no one-stone solution. In order to achieve the best results, Jende Industries recommends the #1,500 stone to re-establish a burr on a knife with no chips and then to move on to the #5,000 grit level to refine it. The #5,000 should not be skipped on the way to the #8,000 and #12,000 grit stones.

Jende Industries strongly recommends the following Shapton stone combinations for the best results.

  • Original Jende Knife - minimum [#1,500 #5,000 #8,000] or better: [#320 #1,500 #5,000 #8,000]
  • 15K Jende Reed Knife - minimum [#1,500 #5,000 #12,000] or better: [#320 #1,500 #5,000 #8,000 #12,000] (15,000 grit is no longer available)
  • All Other Reed Knives - minimum [#1,000 or #1,500] or better: [#220 #1,000 or #1,500]

See The Jende Book of Sharpening Double Hollow Ground Reed Knives by Thomas Blodgett for further knife sharpening instructions. There is also a Spanish language version here.

We, at Hodge Products, have become convinced of the superiority of these stones and have purchased all of the recommended stones for our use. Using these stones on a Wicked Edge System, we now offer a re-sharpening service to sharpen your knives back to like new again.

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