Shapton Ceramic Waterstones

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Shapton Professional Series Ceramic Sharpening Stones

(8.27in. x 2.76in. x .59in)

Quote from the president of Jende Industries:

"Shapton Professional Series Ceramic Sharpening Stones are probably the world's most incredible sharpening stones! I have tried everything, and these blew me away. Trust me, NOTHING compares to the results of the Shapton Stones. They are worth their weight in gold."


Each Shapton Stone is conveniently stored in a color-coded plastic case that also serves as a stone holder while sharpening. Only water is needed on the surface of the stone to begin sharpening. It is easiest to spray it on with a spray bottle. No pre-soaking is necessary. Stones store dry and are ready for use in seconds. According to the manufacturer, these stones can also be used as oilstones.

For the Jende Reed Knives, there is no one-stone solution. In order to achieve the best results, Jende Industries recommends the #1,500 stone to re-establish a burr on a knife with no chips and then to move on to the #5,000 grit level to refine it. The #5,000 should not be skipped on the way to the #8,000 and #12,000 grit stones. (For the 15K Jende Reed Knife, the #8,000 stone may be omitted.) If you already own the conventional Arkansas, India or Diamond products, you can use one of those products in place of the #1,500.


Jende Industries strongly recommends the following Shapton stone combinations for customers who sharpen their own knives.

Original Jende Knife - #1,500 #5,000 #8,000 or better #320 #1,500 #5,000 #8,000

15K Jende Reed Knife - #1,500 #5,000 #12,000 or better #320 #1,500 #5,000 #8,000 #12,000

All Other Reed Knives - #1,000 or #1,500 or better #220 #1,000 or #1,500


See The Jende Book of Sharpening Double Hollow Ground Reed Knives by Thomas Blodgett for further knife sharpening instructions. There is also a Spanish language version here.

Re-sharpening Service:

We, at Hodge Products, have become convinced of the superiority of these stones and have purchased all of the recommended stones for our use. Using these stones, we now offer a re-sharpening service to sharpen your knives back to like new again.


Coarse grit stones  (150, 220, 320) are designed to remove metal quickly while leaving a consistent scratch pattern. They are best suited to remove chips, re-shape an older blade, or to establish a strong burr on a new knife.

Medium grit stones (1000, 1200, 1500) have 3 functions. The first is to re-establish a burr on an already sharp knife (no chips). Secondly, they will make a functional edge when used in conjunction with a coarse grit stone. Third, these stones prepare an edge for the finishing level stones (5,000 grit or above).

Fine grit Shapton stones (5000, 8000, 12000) are unmatched by any other stones in the world. When used in conjunction with the coarse and medium grit Shapton stones, sharpening becomes incredibly fast and efficient. The scratch pattern made by these stones is so uniform and close together that they form a mirror finish. Note: the Shapton #5,000 is an essential stone for achieving the #8,000 or #12,000 finishes.

Shapton Stone Care:

Read our blog, Caring For and Using Your Shapton Ceramic Stone.

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