Tube Cane

We sort our tube cane by hand into two different sizes: 10-10.5mm and 10.5-11mm. We also now sell tube cane in three different weights: 1/4 lb bag, 1/2 lb bag, and 1 lb bag. This gives you the option of buying smaller amounts of cane when you're first trying it out and to get a discount for buying larger amounts of cane at once when you're sure you like it. The exception to this is Le Roseau Chantant. Their cane comes in 1/2 kilo bags presorted.

Our hardest cane is the Rigotti brand, followed by Alliaud, Marca, Le Roseau Chantant, Glotin, and lastly, Lavoro. Lavoro can be described as a medium hardness. None of our cane options are truly soft.