Reed Making Tools and Supplies

You should already own all the supplies listed in Reeds and Reed Adjusting Tools by the time you begin reed making. Consult that list and make sure you have them in addition to the supplies listed here.

Processed Cane

Scoring Tool - Reeds 'n Stuff 6 or 7-blade Scoring Tool

Reed Thread and Sealants

Forming Mandrel - Rieger Forming Mandrel

Reamer - Rieger Spiral Fluted Reamer (Best) OR Reeds 'n Stuff Spiral Fluted Reamer

Tip Cutter - Reeds 'n Stuff Tip Cutter

Measuring Tools

Tool Case

Drying Board - Rieger Drying Board with Removable Pins OR Reeds 'n Stuff Drying Board

Optional Tool Kit in place of some items above - Reeds 'n Stuff Professional Tool Kit