Frequently Asked Questions


Why won't my payment go through?

The most common reason a payment doesn't go through is because the billing address entered in check-out is not the same as the billing address associated with the credit card being used. Credit card companies require these to be the same for security reasons. 

Another reason is because the credit card being used is close to its limit and there is not enough credit left on it for the purchase or if it's a debit card, there isn't enough money in the bank account for the purchase.

What are the payment options with Klarna?

  1. The first option is four interest-free installments charged automatically every 2 weeks to your credit card. That option is only available for orders of $10-$1000.
  2. The second is monthly payments for one year. All financing options are for orders totaling $50-$10,000. There is interest charged for this option.
  3. The third is monthly payments spread out over two years. This also includes interest charges.
  4. You may also sometimes see monthly payment options of 6 months and 36 months depending on the amount of your order.

How does Klarna's four installment method work?

At the retailer’s checkout

Select the option to pay later in 4 interest-free installments and enter your debit or credit card information. It’s as simple as when making any other card purchase.

When the order is shipped

After the retailer confirms that the order is on its way Klarna will charge your card for the first quarter amount. They’ll send you a notification once the payment has been processed.

Every 2 weeks

Every other week Klarna will automatically charge your card one installment until the full order amount has been paid. You will be informed ahead of time.

How does Klarna financing work?

At the retailer’s checkout

Select to pay later with financing and choose your preferred payment plan. You’ll be informed of an annual interest rate upfront before you complete the transaction.

One-time credit agreement

Complete a simple, 4-step credit application with top-of-mind information. You will know instantly if you are approved and can complete the order right away.

The monthly payments

You will make the monthly payment online or in the Klarna app using bank transfer or card payments. We will notify when it’s time to make the payment each month.

Why won't Klarna work for my payment method?

Did you receive the message, "Your purchase cannot be accepted at this moment. Please choose a different payment method."? There are several possible reasons for this.

  1. Your billing address in checkout didn't match your billing address on your credit card for the 4 installment option.
  2. You don't have enough credit history to qualify for the amount you are requesting credit for.
  3. Your don't have good credit.

What can I do to improve my credit history with Klarna?

If you are new to Klarna and like the idea of being able to use it for a later expensive purchase, it is helpful to establish good credit history with Klarna first by using it for lower priced purchases that you qualify for. It often will only take a couple of purchases using Klarna to increase your credit level. Doing this with the 4 interest free installment option is easy and doesn't cost anything extra in the process.


How do I add an item to my order after I've already checked out?

The easiest thing is to simply place another order. Add a note to the new order asking to combine the orders in shipping and request a refund of the extra shipping and we will be happy to do that.