Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

Hodge Products Rewards Program Terms and Conditions:

Opting-in to Hodge Products Rewards:

All users must accept these terms and conditions and create an account with Hodge Products to opt-in to the program and earn, accrue, retain and redeem Hodge Products Reward Dollars (HP$). The program is FREE to join and membership is ongoing until or unless the user requests to be removed or is removed due to abuse of the program. Users can opt-in to the program while checking out on to accrue the HP$ earned on that purchase. Once opted-in to the program, HP$ will earn and accrue for redemption as described below until the HP$ expire or the user leaves the program.

All information collected and used to facilitate the Hodge Products Rewards program is directly related to the program's ability to provide value to the customer. A customer opting into the Hodge Products Rewards program is a separate action from establishing a user profile when making a purchase.

Leaving Hodge Products Rewards Program:

You may choose to leave the Hodge Products Rewards program at any time by logging in and clicking on the opt out of rewards program link within the My Account > Rewards Program­ page, email, or calling +1 (434) 361-1945. If you leave the rewards program, any unused HP$ will be voided upon completion of your request.

Earning HP$:

All items we sell are eligible with the exception of gift cards. All items earn 3% back. You do not earn HP$ for shipping or tax charges, only from the item value. HP$ expire one year after earning and are redeemed on a first-in, first-out basis (in other words, we always use your oldest HP$ that are closest to expiration).

Checking & Redeeming MJ$:

On, Click Account and sign in. Click Rewards Program and your available balance is displayed.  Or just sign in and the available balance is displayed next to your cart. [Image: My Account Page]

Once signed in, you will see your available HP$ and the maximum that can be redeemed in the payment section of the checkout process. We will also send you an email that details your balance one month before any unused points expire. This is a transactional email that you will receive even if you are not subscribed to our marketing emails.

HP$ on Gift Cards:

You don't get to earn HP$ when you buy a gift card, but you do get HP$ when you spend a gift card. Sorry gift-givers. You're welcome gift-receivers.

Product Returns and HP$:

If you return an item, we deduct the HP$ earned on that item from your balance. If you used the HP$ and your balance is less than the deduction, then your refund is reduced by the difference.

Program Abuse:

The intent of the program is to provide our loyal customers with a way to buy amazing double reed products for less. Hodge Products reserves the right to remove any user from the program and zero out their HP$ balance if Hodge Products determines that the user is abusing the program by buying for resale, attempting to game the program, or for any other reason at Hodge Products’ sole discretion.


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