Jende Folding Steel

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Jende Folding Steel

The steel prolongs the edge of a knife without actually sharpening steel off. When the knife gets used, the burr actually gets pushed out of position, making the knife feel dull. Instead of sharpening off steel to make a new burr with a sharpening stone, the burr can be pushed back into position in seconds without sharpening. No metal has been removed from the blade and there are no steel particles to wipe off or get on your reed. Steeling can be done as often as needed, since it only helps to keep the burr in alignment. This method can be used to keep the remaining burr in place until it has finally retired. When steeling no longer produces the desired results, then it is time to sharpen the knife.

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    Great for angle the burr

    Posted by anonymous on Dec 24th 2017

    I now use leather and stainless steel for honing. This product works well.

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