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Jende Maintenance Kits

Using the Steel

The system used for keeping the edge on this knife is ingenious. For a long time, no actual sharpening is necessary. We offer the Jende Reed Knife Maintenance Kit to prolong the life of any edge (even a non-Jende knife) without sharpening. When the knife gets used, the burr actually gets pushed out of position, making the knife feel dull. At this moment, most people run to the sharpening stones and create a new burr. By using the Razor Edge Folding Steel in the kit, the burr can be pushed back into position in seconds without sharpening - in other words, no metal has been removed from the blade and there are no steel particles to wipe off or get on your reed. Steeling can be done as often as needed, since it only helps to keep the burr in alignment. This method can be used to keep the remaining burr in place until it has finally retired. When steeling no longer produces the desired results, then it is time to sharpen the knife. (On a Jende knife it takes around 100 oboe reeds to reach this point if you are saving your knife for the final finishing of a reed. If you use your Jende knife for all scraping after clipping, it will last for about 25 reeds.) All brand knives can benefit from this kit.

The Edge Tester

The Razor Edge Tester in the kit is a safe, effective way to determine the condition of an edge. It safely amplifies what it "feels" on the edge of the knife. One can determine if the edge is still intact, has any minute chips, or has inconsistencies along the edge. The edge tester takes all the guesswork out of evaluating an edge.

The Kit and instructions

The maintenance kit comes complete with illustrated, color instructions on using the steel and edge tester, as well as instructions for making a right and left-handed burr. It comes in a custom made zippered pouch which also safely and conveniently holds a knife. There is an extra pocket for storage. If you purchase a knife with a maintenance kit, the knife will come stored in the maintenance kit. You will find a sheath in the left side pocket.

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