Jende Beveled Reed Knife

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Jende Beveled Reed Knife

The Jende E.U. Single Bevel Reed Knife is designed to be a workhorse, able to withstand the rigors of bark removal and initial scraping all the way up to finishing. The E.U. Single Bevel Reed Knife features a tapered hardwood handle made from Madagascar Ebony, and a custom leather sheath. The blade is also made from a more exotic stainless steel, giving it longer edge retention and resistance to rust. The Jende E.U. Single Bevel Reed Knife is sharpened to 1,500 grit. Sheath included. Additional sheaths also available.

At this time, we only have a right-handed version of this knife.


  • Knife Weight without Sheath:   2.2 ounces  or  62.37 grams
  • Knife Length:   7"  or  18.73 cm
  • Blade Length:   29/16"  or  6.5 cm
  • Blade Width:   ⅝"  or  1.58 cm
  • Thickness of Spine:   5/32"  or  .4 cm
  • Handle Size:   4¼" x 11/16" x 15/16"  or  10.8 cm x 2.7 cm x 2.38 cm
  • Handle Shape:   Rectangular with rounded sides

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