Pisoni Oboe Staples, 45-47mm

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Pisoni Oboe Staples

  • Country – made in Italy
  • Manufacturing Process – hammer forging
  • Cork – natural cork, 29.5 – 30.5mm long
  • Wall Thickness – thick walls decreasing to a thin base (.31-.36 decreasing to .20-.23mm)
  • Metal Type – available in brass or nickel-silver
  • Tip Area – average
  • Base Area – larger-average
  • Tip Shape – average oval
  • Mandrel – mandrels available, not a great fit
  • 2 Models

Pisoni brand products come from the Italian company, Music Center SRL, owned by Luciano Pisoni.

Pisoni Artist

  • Tip Area –average, same as Marigaux 1 but not far from Chiarugi 2
  • Base Area – 18.17mm2 (4.81mm diameter), larger-average, very close to Marigaux 1 and Chiarugi 2
  • Tip Shape – flat, close to the Glotin
  • Volume – large
  • Taper – angled (high end of average), close to the Marigaux 1, rounded outside bevel at the tip

Pisoni Artist staples are the thickest-walled staples we carry. They can be recognized by the inscribed parallel lines around the top of the staple.

Pisoni Deluxe

  • Tip Area –average, close to the Chiarugi 2, includes an inside bevel
  • Base Area – 18.17mm2 (4.81mm diameter), larger average, very close to Marigaux 1 and Chiarugi 2, not uniformly round
  • Tip Shape – flatter average, same as the Marigaux 1
  • Volume – large
  • Taper – angled (high end of average), close to the Marigaux 1 and Chiarugi 2

Deluxe staples are nearly identical to the artist models. However, they have an internal bevel on the tip of the staple. This will tend to reduce some of the resistance and back pressure that may be felt in the Artist version. The deluxe staple can be recognized by the diagonal lines at the top of the staple.

For extensive information on choosing oboe staples, read our Oboe Staples Guide, How to Select Your Oboe Staple

Reviews (2)

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  • 5
    47 silver Pisoni deluxe

    Posted by Alex Vvedenskiy on May 1st 2020

    This staple is the best for me ,with rich tone and nice articulation, very practical :easy to tie a reed due to not a big openning. This is go to staple

  • 5
    Pisoni 47mm Deluxe Silver

    Posted by anonymous on Nov 2nd 2018

    These staples have a nice sound and scale. They are fairly consistent compared to most of what one can find today. The walls are on the thick side, as they appear to be machined rather than punched or extruded, and the inside edges are slightly chamfered to meet well with the cane. For my own needs, I file the tube to 46.5mm from the bottom, which gives a reed that sits comfortably in pitch, at least for a Philadelphia style reed.

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