Rigotti Razor Edge Reed Knife

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Rigotti Razor Edge Reed Knife

The blade on the Rigotti Razor Edge Reed Knife is a bit thicker than the Landwell knives. This is a great knife for a new reed maker because of the high quality with a great price. The handle is made of Ebony. Sheath included. Additional sheaths also available.


  • Knife Weight without Sheath:   1.8 ounces  or  51 grams
  • Knife Length:   7¼"  or  18.41 cm
  • Blade Length:   3¼"  or  8.25 cm
  • Blade Width:   9/16"  or  1.43 cm
  • Thickness of Spine:   ⅛"  or  .32 cm
  • Handle Size:   4" x ⅞" x ⅝"  or  10 cm x 2.22 cm x 1.58 cm
  • Handle Shape:   Rectangular with rounded sides

Reviews (1)

Great knife

Written by I. Wisekal on Aug 28th 2018

This is my go-to knife for finishing work; I have owned at least half a dozen. They arrive very sharp out of the box, and while the edge doesn't last a long time, it's easy to re-sharpen.

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