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Hodge Accessory Shelf

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Hodge Accessory Shelf

This 6"x 9" shelf attaches to any type of stand. It contains a hole for a reed soaker (included) and grooves for a pencil and reeds.

Reviews (5)

Hodge Accessory Shelf

Written by Mark Johnson on Feb 28th 2020

This item is great. It is compact and sturdy. It fits any stand. It is very useful for rehearsals. It is now part of my "Kit".

Hodge accessory shelf

Written by Jacqueline FitzGibbon on Jan 20th 2020

Have tried it out on three different types of music stand. Excellent for tidying up the area around my feet! Have bought another to give to my bassoonist brother in Scotland.

a must for oboe players.

Written by Deborah McGovern on Jul 17th 2018

I have bee looking around for something that could keep some small vessel of water plus some additional odds and ends (pencils, etc) needed when playing in band and orchestra. Perfection!!

Stop littering the floor around your chair!

Written by Gordon Uchenick on Sep 26th 2017

Bassoonists litter the floor around their chairs in every rehearsal. This shelf holds those extra bocals, soaking cups and reed cases so they are easy to access and won't get kicked over or stepped on by the barbaric brass players who sit behind us. It's fit every stand I've encountered so far. Extra bonus: It fits in the music pouch in my Bonna case! What I'd do different: I'd use a wing nut with longer "ears" to make spinning it on and off easier. Not a big deal.

A great purchase

Written by Jacqueline Wilson on Dec 21st 2016

A very helpful, sturdy product!

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