Rigotti Oboe Staples, 47mm

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Rigotti Oboe Staples

  • Country – made in Italy by Chiarugi
  • Manufacturing Process – CNC Lathe
  • Cork – natural cork, approx. 30.5mm long
  • Wall Thickness – average walls increasing to a slightly thicker base (.23mm increasing to .29mm)
  • Metal Type – available in brass or nickel-silver
  • Tip Area – average, same as Chiarugi 2
  • Base Area – 18.11mm2 (4.8mm diameter), larger-average, very close to Chiarugi 2
  • Tip Shape – average oval, same as Chiarugi 2
  • Volume – average, very close to Chiarugi 2
  • Taper – angled (high end of average), very close to Chiarugi 2
  • Mandrelmandrel available

Rigotti, a large farm growing, harvesting, and processing arundo donax for reed instruments, also sells other products for double reeds under their name. Many of their products are made for them by Chiarugi. Their regular oboe staples are essentially the same as a Chiarugi 2. They also now carry a 2+ and a narrow version which are not commonly seen in the U.S. The 2+ is obviously the same as the Chiarugi 2+ but we are not familiar with the narrow staple.

For extensive information on choosing oboe staples, read our Oboe Staples Guide, How to Select Your Oboe Staple

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    Rigotti Oboe Staples

    Posted by Claire Bogdan on Nov 17th 2019

    Good for the price, but the cork is fairly thick and dry compared to some other staples. They are thicker than my chiarugi 47 staples, and those are fairly thick as well. Both my Fox 330 and Loree Royale struggled to get the staple in the oboe, but it DID go in with some pushing and cork grease.

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