ReedGeek "Black Diamond" G4

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ReedGeek "Black Diamond" G4

The Black Diamond G4 utilizes unique, state of the art, 100% USA alloy. Exciting features include a newly designed length, a refined “pencil eraser” radius tip and a comfortable rounded back scraper which offers further pinpoint scraping options. It offers four crisp planing edges and two new, elongated, contoured and curved rail bevels, which are specially designed to profile rails and re-contour the spine of both single and double reeds. The G4 is now available in our beautiful black diamond wear finish, which provides ultimate refinement of the cut on both natural cane and synthetic reeds.

ReedGeek tools are ready to use, no sharpening required, and safe for air travel (they won't confiscate it).

As with all ReedGeek tools, there is no sharpening required and no dangerous knife blade to slice delicate fingertips. On this miracle bar all edges are created equal and can be used by both single and double reed players as one would use traditional knives to adjust and balance reeds.

Check out the videos located in the ReedGeek "Classic" and ReedGeek "DoubleGeek" products on this website.

Reviews (1)

Toolkit Essential

Written by anonymous on Apr 8th 2017

This is an essential item for a double reed players tool kit. Simple, portable, and easy to use. It seems especially good for those, like myself, with a slight hand tremor.

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