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Ortwein Balance Hanger

The Ortwein Balance Hanger for Bassoon allows the bassoonist to play/practice standing up. This allows for deeper breathing and more professional performance appearance. It is also intended to reduce the weight distribution on the left hand. The balance hanger is designed a bit differently than other available products in two distinct ways: no hole is required for installation and usage, and because of that it braces against the bassoon's boot joint.

It installs quickly and easily, with no need to search for a bassoon repair specialist. Simply remove the screw from the hanger, fit the hanger over the neck strap ring on the boot joint, making sure it is flush against the bassoon, and re-insert the screw through the holes and the neck strap ring. Make sure the screw is snug. That's it! Put on your harness or neck strap. There are five holes for selection, assuring a good choice to allow your bassoon to be balanced. This allows for performance with less weight of the bassoon to be held in the left hand and wrist.

Made of high quality aluminum, this product was designed by a professional bassoonist for bassoonists.

There are two slightly different models of the Ortwein Balance Hanger: one fits Fox bassoons, and the other fits Heckel bassoons and MOST other makes. There are some other slight differences in the two models of the balance hangers. If you play a model that is not Fox or Heckel, and would like more specific help in selecting the best option, contact us and ask for KC, our bassoon specialist.

Reviews (4)

Excellent Balance Hanger

Written by Joel Kleinbaum on Apr 23rd 2020

The balance hanger (Fox model) fit the Fox loop on my Heckel bassoon perfectly. Hodge Products was very helpful (and contacted Mark Ortwein) to get the right fit. The balance hanger is very stable, and I didn't need to get another hole drilled in my old bassoon.

Ortwein Balance Hanger for Bassoon

Written by Michael D. Townsend on Mar 22nd 2020

This and excellent quality product. I really like the fact that no holes needed to be drilled by a repairman for installation. Installed out of the box. Nice snug fit on my Fox Renard Artist model 220 bassoon. I also like the fact that the metal's color blends in well with the bassoon keys.

Well engineered solution

Written by Stacey K Barton on Apr 4th 2019

I was interested in a balance hanger but did not want to have to drill into my brand new Fox 220. This product was the perfect solution - simple to attach and provided good support and balance to my bassoon. I don't even have to take it off to fit in my case. I use it with a shoulder strap but would work well with a harness or neck strap too. Highly recommend!

Fox Model Fits Renard 220 perfectly

Written by Gordon M Uchenick on Oct 19th 2018

Fit my Renard 220 perfectly. I use the balance hanger when seated along with a bungee cord to keep weight off my left hand. Works perfectly for this purpose. Haven't tried playing while standing with a harness -- not really interested in that.

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