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The FAST and QUIET way to REMOVE WATER from bassoon tone-holes and flick key vents! It is made of high quality silicone, allowing for a good seal in the bell.

How to use the Bassoon-a-Ruta:

  1. Insert the Bassoon-a-Ruta into the bell of your bassoon, so that an air-tight seal can be created.
  2. Finger low Bb.
  3. Draw air in through the reed and lift the appropriate finger or press the appropriate flick key to open the flooded tone hole or flick key vent.
  4. Remove the Bassoon-a-Ruta from the bell.

That's it! The water has gone back into the bassoon's bore and the music is yours again!

When in delicate moments, be sure to release some fingers from tone holes BEFORE removing the reed from you mouth. Unexpected sounds may otherwise result (see the video).

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