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  • Ortwein Bassoon Reamer Combination of Ortwein Bassoon and Contrabassoon Reamer

    Ortwein Bassoon Reamer

    Ortwein Bassoon Reamer Mark Ortwein's  Bassoon Reamer is a recent entry in the last few years, and it's at a very competitive price point! A reamer removes wood from the thickness of the tube...

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  • Ortwein Contrabassoon Reamer Ortwein Bassoon and Contrabassoon Reamers - combination. The handle of the contrabassoon reamer in this picture is an older style. The current style is as seen in the other picture, and is about the same size and shape as the bassoon reamer's handle.

    Ortwein Contrabassoon Reamer

    Ortwein Contrabassoon Reamer Mark Ortwein's Contrabassoon Reamer is designed to remove wood material from the inside of the tubes of your contrabassoon reeds. This will enhance the fit of your reed...

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