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Hodge Oboe Gouging Machine

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Hodge Oboe Gouging Machine 

The Hodge Products' gouger features all of what we consider to be the best innovations offered by Udo Heng of Reeds 'n Stuff, plus some specifically requested by us. Enjoy the ease of adjustability and maintenance with this machine along with the unique Hodge Products color of royal blue.


  • Circular Blade - cane does not need flipping. There are three sections of the blade that are available before the blade needs to be replaced. That is three times more blade life than other gouging machines. Gouges approx. 9,000 pieces of cane per blade.
  • Ball bearings inside the cart allow the cart to move with extreme ease, reducing fatique and increasing speed.
  • Very easy to adjust (Hodge Products Special Features) - Adjustment for the thickness of the cane and the shavings can be done without turning the machine over to get to the screws. All adjustments are made on the top of the machine. To adjust the gouge thickness, merely flip a switch and turn a knob. No allen wrench needed. For every millimeter the bed is moved, the thickness of the cane is adjusted 0.01mm. A millimeter ruler next to the bed allows for exact placement.
  • Comfortable Handle - shaped to fit perfectly into the hand.
  • Very easy to replace parts - All parts on this machine that might need replacing can be taken off and replaced individually. The machine should not need to be sent into a professional for servicing. All parts can be easily replaced when needed. (Replacement parts can be ordered from Hodge Products, Inc.)
  • Guillotine is more versatile (Hodge Products Special Feature) - The handle pulls the blade up higher than on other Reeds 'n Stuff machines enabling cane with knobs on the ends to fit under it. The guillotine bed is also adjustable.
  • The standard blade size used on this machine is 11.41mm. This is the blade size we use to be able to gouge the largest difference in cane diameters making the sides approximately .45mm while the middle is .60mm. If you prefer a different size blade, we will be happy to arrange for that.
  • The bed size is 11mm to accomodate cane up to that size.
  • We also offer 11.60mm blade sets for thinner sides and 11.15mm blade sets for thicker sides. Reeds 'n Stuff's website says, "A change in blade diameter of 0.1mm will change the thickness at the sides of the gouge by about 0.01mm." That suggests that the 11.60mm blade set will gouge the sides at .42mm, the 11.30mm blade set will gouge the sides at .46mm, and the 11.15mm blade set will gouge the sides at .48mm.

If you would like to discuss this machine more, please call Hodge Products, Inc. at 434-361-1945 and ask for Ann.

Instructions for the gouging machine can be found on our blog.


We have included a video made by Reeds 'n Stuff of their machine that the Hodge machine is based on. It shows exactly how our machine works for gouging. If you study the pictures, you will notice that our machine has a lever and a knob showing and those are a couple of the extra features on our machine that make adjustments so easy.

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    Posted by anonymous on Apr 18th 2019


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    Great Gouger

    Posted by Joshua G on Feb 10th 2019

    This gouger is very easy to use. It came already set to how i like, but after tinkering with it a bit, I found it is very easy to set up how one might like it.

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    Easy to use, precise gouger

    Posted by Bruce S. on Nov 17th 2016

    This is a very easy to use, totally consistent, well-made gouger. I've been using it for more than a couple of years and it's still a pleasure and helps me make more consistent, controllable reeds. My only quip, a really minor one, is that I wish the reed bed were interchangeable as they are on the basic R'n'S gouger so I could just change to one for my EH without getting a second gouger, but the Hodge design is much easier to adjust and set than the basic R'n'S gouger so it's a fair trade-off. Well done, Ann.