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Reeds 'n Stuff Gouging Machine Blade Sets for Hodge or R'nS Gougers

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RS Blade Set
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Gouging Machine Blade Sets for Reeds 'n Stuff or Hodge Gougers

Choose from an 11.60mm blade set for thinner than .45mm sides, 11.41mm blade set for .45mm sides, or 11.15mm blade set for thicker than .45mm sides. It includes the blade, the blade holder, and the guide all set for the requested size. All components are needed to switch to the different size blade.

Thin Sides Set:               11.60mm: cane measurements are thinner, .42-.43mm, than the 11.41mm set

Hodge Set:                     11.41mm: cane measures approximately 0.60mm in the middle and 0.45mm on the sides

Slightly Thick Sides Set:  11.30mm: cane measurements are about .46mm on the sides

Thick Sides Set:              11.15mm: cane measurements are thicker, .47-.48mm, than the 11.41mm set

During high humidity in the summer, reeds can get hard and out of control. And in cold, dry winter air, they can close down excessively. Changing the thickness of the gouge doesn't help much; we recommend changing the relationship between the center and the sides. A small replacement kit for any Reeds 'n Stuff (including Hodge) gouging machines can do just this, helping you react to changing seasonal and weather conditions.

For the humid weather, we recommend gouging the sides somewhat thinner. The standard with a REEDS 'N STUFF gouging machine with a 10.5mm bed is an 11.41mm blade unit. The Hodge machine has an 11.0mm bed with an 11.41mm blade unit. With the small replacement kit, you can exchange it for an 11.6-mm blade unit.

In the winter, we recommend thicker sides relative to the center. With the small replacement kit, you can switch to an 11.15mm blade unit (on a machine with an 11mm bed), effectively converting your gouger to meet seasonal conditions. A machine with a 10.5mm bed may do better with an 11.3mm blade set.

These changes can also help in the same way for the situation of only having larger diameter cane available when you need the smaller diameter in the cold, dry weather because the blades close down excessively. Change to thicker sides (11.15mm set) and your reeds will hold their opening better.

You can perform these adjustments yourself in a few easy steps.


Custom sized sets also available. Measurements can be found at the Reeds 'n Stuff website. If you want a custom set, just choose the custome set and tell us what size in the order notes.

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