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EB Pro Oboe Reeds

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EB Pro Oboe Reeds


EB Pro reeds have a nice dark sound and are very well balanced with good response. They are available in medium and medium hard and medium soft.

The medium reeds are quite responsive with a medium to medium soft feel. They all have full openings which require a bit more lip control but also allow them to be flexible.

The MH reeds are a little stiffer but still have the full, dark, warm sound. Some of these also have a bit more edge to the sound which can help with projection. They are less consistent between them than the medium.

Read a comparison of all our reed options in our oboe reed blog. "Student to Professional Oboe Reeds: "Which oboe reed should I buy?".


These EB Pro reeds are professional-level reeds, made in the American style, with a blended scrape; V shaped tip (somewhat horizontal, like in the picture), ample heart, thick and strong spine and side rails, and well defined windows which blend in the heart. They are very comfortable, with a stable pitch, outstanding low and high registers, dark sound and great projection. They seem to better fit advanced students and pro players. 

The finished length of the reeds is from 69 to 69.5mm to produce a “C” crow at 440 Hz. The reeds are made with a "Lucarelli" shape, which is the combination of the "Mack-1" and "Bloom" shapes. This shape is quite innovative, since what Lucarelli achieved with it is, in his own words: “capitalizing Mack’s stability and Bloom’s warmth.” 

Only 10.5-11mm vinatge Gonzalez cane is used for these reeds. The staples are RDG 47-mm brass, tip #2.  

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Please note that we do not accept returns on reeds or cane unless damaged on arrival.

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