Chiarugi Razor Knife

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Chiarugi Razor Knife

The Chiarugi knife has a double concave blade (razor), 4 mm thick and 8 cm long. It is made of special steel, tempered and ground. Sharpening is hand finished. These knives are available in a number of beautiful wood options. Please choose your handle material from the list above. Note: the shades and grains vary from knife to knife. Not necessarily as shown.

Handle Woods


A tropical hardwood of Central American trees belonging to the genus Dalbergia. Only the heartwood of cocobolo is used; it is usually orange or reddish-brown, often with darker irregular traces weaving through the wood.


Ebony is a dense black/brown hardwood, most likely from the Gabon ebony which is native to western Africa.

Lignum Vitae

There are numerous woods referred to as Lignum Vitae. These handles appear to be made from the wood of the Bulnesia sarmientoi and are known as verawood or Argentine lignum vitae; they are somewhat similar in appearance and working qualities as genuine lignum vitae but contain more straight grains of golden brown.


Highly prized for its red color, the Madagascar rosewood, known as Bois de Rose, is what is used in these handles.

Violet Wood (Peltogyne)

The species of the genus range from southeastern Brazil through northern South America, Panama, Costa Rica, and Trinidad, with the majority of species in the Amazon Basin. The trees are prized for their beautiful heartwood which, when cut, quickly turns from a light brown to a rich purple color. (Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light darkens the wood to a brown color with a slight hue of the original purple.)

Olive Wood

Olive wood is very hard and is prized for its durability, color, high combustion temperature, and interesting grain patterns. The yellow or light greenish-brown wood is often finely veined with a darker tint being very hard and close-grained.


These are all very hard, dense woods that would sink in water.

  • Knife Weight without Sheath:   1.8 ounces  or  51 grams
  • Knife Length:   7¼"  or  18.41 cm 
  • Blade Length:   3¼"  or  8.25 cm
  • Blade Width:   9/16"  or  1.43 cm
  • Thickness of Spine:   ⅛"  or  .32 cm
  • Handle Size:   4" x ⅞" x "  or  10 cm x 2.22 cm x 1.58 cm
  • Handle Shape:   Rectangular with rounded sides

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