Chiarugi Oboe Staples, 46 and 47mm

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Chiarugi Oboe Staples, 46 and 47mm

The Chiarugi oboe staples are thin-walled staples and come in many sizes/shapes and in brass or silver. The company explains that the staples are drawn from a full bar of brass or nickel silver and then they are completely turned outside and inside using high precision machines and automated systems. This produces high quality consistent tubes. Tubes are covered on 2/3 of their length with high quality cork from Portugal. In addition, they are finished up and checked manually by highly experienced personnel. 


In general, the lower the number, the smaller the staple volume. The #1 is almost the same as the Lorée DM with only the vertical measurement of the oval being slightly smaller. The #2 is almost identical to the Lorée Regular staple, again with the vertical measurement of the oval being the slightest bit smaller. And the 2+ is identical to the Lorée AK. The #3 has a very large oval ratio, especially in relation to the bottom diameter. #5 is more oval than #3 but otherwise has similar measurements to a #3. #6 is very similar to a Guercio D12 which is very popular in Europe. The biggest difference between the #6 and the #5 is that the bottom diameter of the #6 is smaller than the #5. The #7 is HUGE! The bottom diameter is the largest of any staple we have measured. The area of the tip is also quite large. 

Chiarugi 2+ staples work well with the Caleb shaper tips.

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