Chiarugi Oboe Staples, 46 and 47mm

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Chiarugi Oboe Staples, 46 and 47mm

The Chiarugi oboe staples are thin-walled staples and come in many sizes/shapes and in brass or silver. The company explains that the staples are drawn from a full bar of brass or nickel silver and then they are completely turned outside and inside using high precision machines and automated systems. This produces high quality consistent tubes. Tubes are covered on 2/3 of their length with high quality cork from Portugal. In addition, they are finished up and checked manually by highly experienced personnel. 


In general, the lower the number, the smaller the staple volume. The #1 is almost the same as the Lorée DM with only the vertical measurement of the oval being slightly smaller. The #2 is almost identical to the Lorée Regular staple, again with the vertical measurement of the oval being the slightest bit smaller. And the 2+ is identical to the Lorée AK. The #3 has a very large oval ratio, especially in relation to the bottom diameter. #5 is more oval than #3 but otherwise has similar measurements to a #3. #6 is very similar to a Guercio D12 which is very popular in Europe. The biggest difference between the #6 and the #5 is that the bottom diameter of the #6 is smaller than the #5. The #7 is HUGE! The bottom diameter is the largest of any staple we have measured. The area of the tip is also quite large. These were designed by Chiarugi for the Netherlands where the reed style is very short with a long scrape. Make sure to look through the staple tip annotated pictures here to see actual measurements and closeups of the tip shape.

Chiarugi 2+ staples work well with the Caleb shaper tips.

Chiarugi #1

  • Tip Area – small, similar to Lorée DM
  • Base Area – 16.39mm2 (4.57mm diameter), small, similar to Lorée DM
  • Tip Shape – average ellipse, not as round as Lorée DM
  • Volume – smallest of all brands
  • Taper – average

Chiarugi #2

This staple is also available in brass in all three superstaple designs, “E” (Excavated), “S” (Solid), and “M” (Solid Midway).

Chiarugi #2+

  • Tip Area – larger-average, almost identical to the Lorée AK
  • Base Area – 18.72mm2 (4.88mm diameter), larger-average, almost identical to the Lorée AK
  • Tip Shape – average ellipse, identical to the Lorée AK
  • Volume – higher-average, identical to the Lorée AK
  • Taper – average

Chiarugi 2+ and Lorée AK are, according to Mark Chudnow, the same as the Chudnow and Sierra staples, all of which are made by Chiarugi. Howarth also claims that the staples with their name on them are Chiarugi 2+. (We don't carry Howarth staples at this time.) The Oboe Shop @ Crowthers in the UK recommends the Chiarugi 2+ for both the Howarth and Rigoutat oboes.

Chiarugi #3

  • Tip Area – large, larger than the Lorée AK
  • Base Area – 18.77mm2 (4.89mm diameter), large, almost identical to the Lorée AK
  • Tip Shape – average ellipse, identical to the Lorée AK
  • Volume – higher-average, identical to the Lorée AK
  • Taper – straighter
  • If you are having issues with flatness in the upper notes of the second octave and you usually use a Chiarugi 2+ or Lorée AK staple, the Chiarugi 3 would be a good substitute since the base diameter is similar to the 2+ but the tip area is increased. See Section 2 (Tip Area) in Chapter 2, 10 Characteristics of Oboe Staples blog post.

    Le Roseau Chantant recommends this staple for more closed-bore instruments like the Lorée 125 or Royal AK, Laubin, or Yamaha (41-series, North American models).

    Chiarugi #5

    • Tip Area –average, between Chiarugi 2 and Lorée regular
    • Base Area – 19.11mm2 (4.93mm diameter), large, very close to the Bonazza Deluxe
    • Tip Shape – flatter ellipse, similar to but not quite as flat as the modern Glotin
    • Volume – large, almost the same as the Bonazza Deluxe
    • Taper – most angled or conical shape offered at Hodge Products

    The Chiarugi 5 is a copy of the Glotin staple though it is not clear which version. The most similar characteristic to the current version is that it has a flatter ellipse than other Chiarugi staples but not quite as flat as the Glotin is now. I must note, however, that the mandrel is a little bit rounder and tends to round out the staple so that the tip is similar to the Chiarugi 6, though the base is still much bigger than a Chiarugi 6.

    The Oboe Shop @ Crowthers in the UK recommends this staple for the Lorée, Marigaux, and Buffet oboes.

    Chiarugi #6

    Compared to the Lorée regular staple, the Chiarugi 6 will lower the pitch progressively through the entire upper octave (D5-C6) because the base is smaller than the Lorée.

    Chiarugi #7

    • Tip Area – huge
    • Base Area – 20.29mm2 (5.08mm diameter), huge
    • Tip Shape – rounder side of average ellipse
    • Volume – huge
    • Taper – average
    • This is the largest staple we offer at Hodge Products. The Chiarugi 7 was designed for Dutch oboists who make very short reeds with a long scrape. They also use very short staples (42mm) which offsets the large bore. We only recommend this staple to American oboists who use an extremely wide shape such as the RDG 2. First, we suggest trying the 46mm before trying the more extreme 47mm option. Surprisingly, I made a decent reed on a 47mm staple with a Joshua +2 shape (which is relatively narrow) that played at 440 Hz. The blades needed to be well slipped to work.

      For extensive information on choosing oboe staples, read our Oboe Staples Guide, How to Select Your Oboe Staple

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