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Adam Oboe Shaper Tips



Has slightly bigger throat and belly than the Joshua +4 and is the most "rectangular" looking tip of the Adam tips.


Adam Shaper Tip's narrowest shape. The sides are virtually parallel at the top.


This tip is a copy of a famous tip designed by Mr. Jerry Kaplan of Chicago.


The throat and belly are similar to the Joshua, but the chimney is flared very slightly.


This tip has the same throat as the Joshua, but with the belly and chimney taken in slightly.

The numbers added to the shaper names indicate a .025mm difference for every 1 number added or subtracted. For instance, the Caleb -1 is .025mm narrower in all measurements than the Caleb.

All shapers and shaper tips have a 30-day trial period. Compare several, choose one, and send back the rest for a full refund minus shipping. Returns after the 30-day trial period will be subject to a 10% restocking fee in addition to the cost of shipping, but must be returned in like new to new physical condition.

Reviews (4)

Pricey, but high quality and great customer service

Written by Christian on Sep 4th 2020

Recently ordered the ruth shaper tip and am enamored with the sound my reeds are making! I find the shaper tips well made and easy to use, though definitely on the expensive side. I had to return my first order and customer service was fast in resolving the issues I found.

Joshua +2

Written by Sydney on Jul 29th 2019

I like this shape overall, I have an issue with the construction. I wish that the base had one flat side so that it would not shift in my shaper handle when I tighten it.

Great Shaper Tip!

Written by Celeste on Nov 26th 2018

This tip is my go-to shaper. I've used one for years, and only recently replaced it after using my other one for about 12 years... I've tried other tips but always come back to good old Caleb-1!

Ann, I dont do reviews.

Written by bC on Apr 18th 2018

I will likely keep the tip. If not I will get the -1.

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