Brundage Medium Contrabassoon Reed

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Brundage Medium Contrabassoon Reed

Like the Brundage Professional Bassoon Reeds, his contrabassoon reeds are very popular. These reeds are very consistent from reed to reed. They have a very even scale across the range of the contrabassoon and a fine, characteristic sound. His reeds have a quick response and make playing the contrabassoon easy.

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Reviews (4)

contra reed

Written by Jim on Apr 21st 2020

Responsive right out of the box. Needed little adjustment so far. Now have to season to see how it responds in the long term.

Contrabassoon Reeds

Written by Steve Boice on Dec 13th 2019

I've ordered from Brundage twice now with same result. What I am playing on is an Amati ABN 36 Contrabassoon with both of the original bocals. I've had the cork on the bocals replaced recently to eliminate that as a possibility of air leakage. The reeds have bad tone, sounds like a duck call device. Seems to be there is air leakage from the top 3rd of the reeds and the base connecting to bocal. Can't get lower register out at all. Mid range there is "flapping" around low G/A. Anything lower will not come out. I've ordered reeds from other manufacturers that work fine. So the problem is not my equipment.

Too soft

Written by Julian Partridge on Mar 31st 2019

I live in Florida so maybe the high humidity makes it softer but just too soft and buzzy for me

Brundage Contra Bassoon Reed

Written by anonymous on Mar 2nd 2018

Very nice reed with good response and great tone (for a contra). I'm very happy with it!

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