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Bassoon Wire Sampler

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Bassoon Wire Sampler

The thickness, or gauge, of the brass wire used in the construction of a bassoon reed makes an enormous impact on the characteristics of the final product. Consequently, varying thicknesses of wire significantly effect the bassoon reed’s response, pitch, register stability, aperture, and tone. Depending on the gauge of the wire, reeds can also develop differently as they are played in and adjusted. There are many considerations that factor into selecting the best wire gauge for different reed styles. Personal preference will heavily influence the wire gauge or combination of gauges that is right for you. The embouchure of the player, the amount of pressure on the reed, and the unique characteristics of the instrument should all be considered when determining the best gauge of wire to choose.

In general, bassoonists begin with 22-gauge wire when learning to make bassoon reeds. Expanding to other gauges to experiment with different outcomes is an excellent way to determine what gauge works best for you and your instrument. We offer a wire sampler so that you can experiment without breaking the bank on lots of wire you try once and don't continue to use. 

Package Contents

10 pieces of 2.5" wire in each of five gauges

  • 24-gauge brass wire (Zebra brand) - 10 2.5" pieces
  • 23-gauge brass wire (Malin brand) - 10 2.5" pieces
  • 22-gauge brass wire (Zebra brand) - 10 2.5" pieces
  • .6mm brass wire (Rieger brand) - 10 2.5" pieces
  • .7mm brass wire (Rieger brand) - 10 2.5" pieces

Read our Wire Blog to learn how the different gauges of wire affect the bassoon reed.

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