Shapton Diamond on Glass Lapping Plate

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Shapton Diamond on Glass Lapping Plate

This glass lapping plate is meant for medium and fine grit stones only. There is no need for powders. Just spray some water on the plate and begin lapping. (Make sure to read the instructions below before starting.)

Most users find the capabilities of Shapton's DGLP astonishing. The sharpest cut is born when two steel planes cross at an acute angle. Yet every time a blade is sharpened on a sharpening stone, the stone itself changes shape, so over time, the planes at the blade's edge also change. That is why it is so important to keep the sharpening stone itself flat. Apply the DGLP, and you will enjoy sharpening as never before. The DGLP uses glass for its base, and this is what produces such high precision on the resulting sharpening stone plane.


micron: 54/45
mesh: 270/325
Dimensions: 253 x 80 x 24mm (Working surface 245 x 72mm)
Weight: approx. 750g

Instructions of Use

The stones you are intending to lap should be immersed in water for 2 to 3 minutes before starting work on them.
When lapping non-Shapton stones, you should ensure the stones absorb plenty of water first.

As a guide, use a pencil to draw a grid
on the stone surface to be flattened.

Place the plate somewhere stable
and splash it with water.

To lap a stone, lay it on the lapping plate and slowly slide it forwards and backwards, then diagonally, using the whole surface evenly.
Any time slurry accumulates in the grooves, rinse it off then resume lapping.

You can also lap a stone by laying the lapping plate on the stone.
In this case, you should slide the lapping plate forwards and backwards, then diagonally.
Parts where the lines get erased show where the lapping plate has made contact,
i.e. where flattening has been performed correctly.

Once you have finished lapping, rinse off any slurry promptly before putting the plate into storage.
We also recommend using a brush at this time.


Never sprinkle abrasive agents or other loose grains between the lapping plate and stone.
The DGLP surface (the lapping face) is formed of a thin film of metal on a sheet of glass.
This needs to be handled carefully, as its resistance to shocks is limited.
If cracked or chipped it could be dangerous and should not be used.
The DGLP should only be used for lapping normal stones (do not use it on stones incorporating diamond abrasive grains).
It should also not be used to scrape blades, metals or other materials.
This DGLP is capable of lapping stones up to 30 microns (500 or above).
It should not be used on rougher stones, as that would dramatically reduce its usable life.
Do not use hot water when lapping.
If the plate were to be immersed in hot water and then suddenly cold water, there is a risk it might shatter.
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