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Reeds 'n Stuff Oboe/English Horn Dial Indicator (micrometer), Digital

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Reeds 'n Stuff Oboe Dial Indicator, analog

Make sure you get consistently good results by checking the thickness of gouged cane. Afterwards, you can check the profile and symmetry of your reeds. The lines on the tongue of your indicator help to check the same measurement spots with every reed.

For precision, durability and dependability rely on Reeds ‘n Stuff dial indicators for measuring finished reeds and reed cane. Choose from four tips for measuring the cane or reeds. The "S" tip is the standard tip for use with oboe cane and reeds. However, if you would prefer a smaller point to be measured, choose the "F" tip. The "D" tip measures a larger circular area, while the "K" tip measures a generally wider area and also gives the advantage of being able to slide the cane out from under it without causing a trench to be left in your cane. The "K" tip is the standard bassoon dial indicator tip. If you would like to buy more than one tip, please buy the extra tips separately at the link.

Battery: These calipers come with an LR44 battery already installed. The LR44 button battery is a 1.5 volt alkaline battery. It is compatible with the SR44 which is a 1.55 volt silver-oxide battery. The silver-oxide battery doesn't drop in voltage over time and also lasts longer than the alkaline battery. If you need a battery replacement, we carry both the LR44 and the SR44 battery on this website.


Battery: LR44 (alkaline)

Add a replacement battery to your purchase of a digital tool or instrument.

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