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Reeds 'n Stuff Contrabassoon Tip Profiler Exchange Set

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Reeds 'n Stuff Contrabassoon Tip Profiler Exchange Set

The contrabassoon exchange set includes a longer rod, a larger mandrel holder, a larger mandrel, and a contrabassoon tongue. It does not include a contrabassoon template which must be purchased separately. There are two tongue options: the KFH for the Heckel contrabassoon and the KF for all other contrabassoons.

The Reeds 'n Stuff Bassoon Tip Profiler is designed to remove cane off the lay of the blades of a clipped reed or a blank. The tip profiler removes wood from 1/2 to 3/4 of the reed blade, leaving the back as thick as the profiler leaves it, essentially doing a great deal of finishing of the reed except for specific choices of the reed maker to fine-tune the reed. The tube end of the reed is held on a mandrel with a black knob that is removable and has a dedicated location when not in use. An adjustment knob on top can help you customize the thickness of your finishing dimensions. A formed latch helps hold the reed in place so that it doesn't move when using the machine. The shape of your finishing profile has a plate that can be moved back a bit, but which can also be replaced with a different template. We have four templates in stock and you should choose one when you order the machine. The four choices are listed below. Also included is a locking screw that holds the mechanism in place and a hole to place the screw when using the machine. The tip profiler comes in a carrying case made of dense foam covered in stylish black nylon.

Watch the video to see how to change out the parts on your tip profiler to make it into a contrabassoon tip profiler.

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