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Magic Reed Professional Oboe Reeds

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Magic Reed Professional Oboe Reeds


  • Magic Reeds are nationally recognized for their warmth, stability and playability.
  • Magic Reeds are preferred by players who enjoy a somewhat harder reed with more structure.
  • Reeds are available in medium strength and medium hard strength to meet the preferences of many advanced to expert players.
  • The medium strength reed is generally universal.  The medium hard option is designed for more advanced players with a strong embouchure, or those with reed making skills who prefer to tweak the reed to taste.
  • Reeds made with this structure tend to have a greater expressive range and last longer than most alternatives.
  • Cane selection and processing, reed construction and finishing all done in-house.
  • Best quality control. Finished, tested and certified to be at or above grade for this model.
  • Made by professional reed maker trained at Juilliard School, Oberlin Conservatory and with Bert Lucarelli.
  • Premium, reusable two reed case with preparation instructions inside.

Read a comparison of all our reed options in our oboe reed blog. "Student to Professional Oboe Reeds: "Which oboe reed should I buy?".

Return Policy

Please note that we do not accept returns on reeds or cane unless damaged on arrival.

Reviews (5)

Magic reed

Written by Cheryl on Mar 9th 2020

Good rich sound on all registers. Takes a week to break in.

Pro oboe reeds

Written by Gordon on Jan 31st 2020

Loose wrapping, leaked instead of playing, no matter how much I soaked them.

Best Reed Ever

Written by Emily on Jul 28th 2018

I have been using this kind of reed for almost 2 years straight now and have never had any issues with any that I have purchased. This reed allows for beautiful tone quality throughout. I have noticed they last much longer than others that I have tried before. The magic reed-no pun intended, is magic! I would recommend this to anyone, even beginners, as the reed comes in medium and hard. I will always be repurchasing this reed!

great sound !!

Written by Mikey DC on May 30th 2018

I’ve been playing for three years and finally taking the step up to “real” medium reeds. (I’ve been playing commercial mediums from Amazon until now.) Even though the Magic was immediately harder to play, still, the first thing I noticed was how warm and full the sound is. The response was a little difficult (didn’t speak very well), and required a lot of embouchure adjustment in the 3rd octave. I’ve done some minor adjustments, like scraping the tip and the windows, and after a couple of weeks, it speaks easily and still plays beautifully. I’m definitely going to be trying more of them.

Great reed

Written by anonymous on Feb 2nd 2016

I've played on many of these reeds over the past year, and on the whole, they are very good reeds. Every once in a while I'll get a dud, something that's extremely nasal and thin....and that sucks, but I suppose this happens to the best of makers!

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