Kunibert Michel

Kunibert Michel Oboe Gouging Machine

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Kunibert Michel Oboe Gouging Machine

Since 1969, The Kunibert Michel Oboe gouging machine has seen a surge of popularity throughout Europe. More recently there has been a growing interest in North America as well.

The Michel gouging machines integrate traditional hand working skills with precision of the highest quality which help create the consistently precise gouge. The blade, which is made of a specially crafted steel, allows you to gouge dry cane. This gives you a much smoother reed interior. Additionally, not gouging wet cane prevents the microscopic rust that builds up on any stainless steel, prolonging the life of the blade. However, working with dry cane stresses the cane more. The Kunibert Michel system including their Pregouging Machine is specifically designed to reduce that stress and avoid cracking your cane.

These sleek machines are very simple and easy to operate, requiring very little adjustment and easy to do at home. We stock the American set-up, which gouge thicker sides than the standard European build. We offer a 10.5mm and an 11mm blade and bed set and designed for 10-10.5mm and 10.5-11mm cane respectively. The dial on the carriage will allow you to easily adjust gouge thickness with a simple turn. There are two set screws which allow you to lower the blade as it dulls.

Includes a cane guillotine built onto the gouging machine base plate and a diameter gauge pictured separately.

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