Goldbaum Plastic Bassoon Plaque

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Goldbaum Plastic Bassoon Plaque

The new plastic Goldbaum plaque is here!

Those of you who have experienced a Prestini bassoon plaque know how valuable it is. But what makes it so special?

In short, the center to side taper of this plaque is ideal for fitting inside of a reed without distorting the natural curvature of the reed's blades. Most plaques do the opposite: they end up pushing the channels/rails upward, leading to a slew of problems like taking too much cane off of the sides, creating bizarre tapers at the tip, etc., etc., etc. Translation: a lot of time wasted and a lot of reeds that don't work.

Jessica Goldbaum's version of the Prestini is narrower than the original, making it even easier to get a good taper at the rails. This version of her Prestini-inspired plaque is even narrower than the metal one she previously produced. Plus there is a line down the center of one side of the plaque for measuring. What you get is a plaque that makes it simple to discern where to take cane off and how far to go and is far less expensive than her previous high-quality metal version.

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