Fox Body Lock Replacement for Bassoon

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Fox Body Lock Replacement for Bassoon

The Fox Body Lock Replacement for bassoon is the pin and spring component that locks the long joint and the wing joint together. This is intended for those who already have an installed body lock who may have lost the pin and spring or it has broken. This is not the full body lock, as you would need a bassoon repair technician to install it due to the hole that would need to be drilled into the bassoon.

The purpose of holding the joints together is to help the player learn the appropriate amount of strength or tension that needs to be in the hands to accomplish your playing, and the lock helps prevent damage to the joints and the tenons. To install it, there is a screw cap that is removed on the old or broken lock to remove it, and then again on the replacement piece, insert the pin and the spring together from the top, replace the screw cap, and you're done.

Always be careful to disengage the body lock before twisting the long joint or wing joint in the disassembly process.

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bassoon lock joint piece thing

Written by Jacqueline Boese on Apr 9th 2020

it works how it should but i didnt know how to put it on

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