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20-Reed Oboe Hygrocase by Reeds 'n Stuff

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20-Reed Oboe Hygrocase by Reeds 'n Stuff

Perfect protection for your reeds. With hygrometer (measures humidity) and humidifier. Keeps your reeds playable. (Warning: Do not use with oboe reeds with full metal staples and O-rings.)

Like a humidor, this case maintains stable climate conditions. The newly designed air vent can be adjusted to allow airflow from the outside or to keep the case hermetically sealed. When the air vent is closed, the rubber seal protects your reeds from changing outside conditions. Using the included sponge you can add water to raise the humidity. With one glance at the hygrometer, you can make good decisions about how to care for your reeds and keep the humidity under your control. The acrylic glass can be cleaned easily with a cloth.

Use and Maintenance of the Hygrocase

  • Do not expose to direct heat or intense sunlight.
  • Check that the dial hand is always within the NORMAL range of humidity (between 40-70).
  • Open the case regularly (at least every few days for an hour) to allow air to circulate around your reeds.

To add or remove humidity

  1. Wet the sponge if the dial hand is lower than NORMAL.
  2. Let the sponge dry out a little if the dial hand is higher than NORMAL.
  3. Placing a wet reed back in the case after use will also increase the humidity level.

Recalibrating the Dial

Comparison to another working dial Method
  1. Check the dial reading against another working hygrometer.
  2. Open the case and adjust the hand from the back of the dial by carefully turning the black protective cover until the dial hand on the outside shows the same reading as the other hygrometer. (This part is very delicate and must be treated with great care.)
Manual Method
  1. Remove your reeds from the case
  2. Wet the sponge thoroughly and leave it inside the case.
  3. Wrap the case in a wet towel and place in a warm room, like a kitchen or bathroom, or near a warm surface for up to one hour.
  4. Open the towel.
  5. The dial hand should be showing 100. If it is not, turn it as described above until it reaches 100. Then squeeze out the excess water from the sponge and leave the case open for awhile.
  6. Place your reeds back in the case and close it.
  7. The dial should be reading correctly now.
Adjusting the Air Vents
  1. Turn the screw to open or close the air vent
  2. For pictures demonstrating this, check images above.

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