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Student Shaped Oboe Cane

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Student Shaped Oboe Cane

All Shaped Cane is hand shaped by Hodge Products, Inc. The student cane is taken from all the brands of cane that end up gouged on the thin side and are good for beginning reed-making students. It is shaped on a Reeds 'n Stuff Shaper with an rdg -1 straight shape. Sold by the piece.

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Please note that we do not accept returns on reeds or cane unless damaged on arrival.

Reviews (4)

Student Shaped Oboe Cane

Written by Arnold Hennig on Nov 15th 2019

For a person just learning to make reeds, the number of variations in available cane is bewildering and intimidating. Having one clearly marked by its label as a place to begin is extremely helpful, and leads one to actually get started instead of putting off this project for lack of a clue as to where to start. (As to the quality of the cane itself, I cannot say. In this field I am, after all, a beginner.)

Great quality for the price!

Written by Vero on Feb 11th 2019

They have made very consistent reeds for me so far. My students have liked every reed I have made for them, and they play very well. I have even made a few for myself, and have been satisfied with the results. The thinner gouge makes it easier to turn out more reeds in a faster amount of time.

The best price for beginning reed makers

Written by anonymous on Jun 1st 2018

I can’t totally rate this item yet because I haven’t started making reeds quite yet. However, my teacher gave me a list of supplies I will need and she told me I will need lots and lots of cane. A couple hundred pieces to practice reed making to start with. Gouged and shaped cane is very expensive and beginners make lots of mistakes. Hodge Products is the best place to buy student shaped oboe cane. It is of good quality and a nice shape and, trust me, you will not find it cheaper - by a long shot - anywhere else. I would say give this cane a try, for sure.

Overall good cane

Written by anonymous on Mar 27th 2018

I ordered 12 pieces of the student shaped cane, as I am on a tight budget right now and need the cheapest I can get. The cane is very good, the only problem was that I received about 4 pieces that were not useable. This was quickly corrected by Hodge Products, and they are sending me 4 more pieces. Excellent cane and even better customer service.

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