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Reeds 'n Stuff Pantzier Knife

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Reeds 'n Stuff Pantzier Knife

The Reeds 'n Stuff Pantzier Knife has a unique design. It is mostly a beveled knife, that portion of the blade being about 1.5 inches long before the curve begins. The curve starts gradually as an extension of the beveled edge, but the curve becomes more pronounced toward the working tip of the knife, which has such an angle as to be very specific in the point of contact removing wood from the blades of your reed. It is described as a curve (knife blade) touching a curve (reed blade) that comes to a point for fine-tuned pinpoint removal rather than the flat edge of the knife removing wood along the curve of the reed blade. This knife is designed for right handed users only.

The handle is wood and the stain may come in different shades of brown.


  • Knife Weight without Sheath:   1.4 ounces  or  39.69 grams
  • Knife Length:   6"  or  15.24 cm
  • Blade Length:   27/16"  or  6.19 cm
  • Blade Width:   9/16"  or  1.43 cm
  • Thickness of Spine:   5/32"  or  .4 cm
  • Handle Size:   3½" x " x ⅞"  or  10 cm x 2.22 cm x 2.22 cm
  • Handle Shape:   Round

Reviews (1)

Good for “touch-ups”

Written by James Gilmore on Oct 18th 2019

It’s a small knife. The blade is only 2.5 inches long. I don’t use it for making reeds but I find it is perfect for touching up “finished” reeds.

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