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Reeds 'n Stuff English Horn Profiling Machine - 2 Template Options

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Reeds 'n Stuff EH Profiling Machine - 2 Template Options

The Reeds 'n Stuff Oboe Profiling Machine comes with one template. Please choose the template of your choice from the drop down list. The machine is preset with the standard American options for the tongue (W) and length of scrape limiter (USA). The length of scrape limiter determines the shape of the beginning of the scrape. If you would like any customizations, feel free to contact us and we can make a custom order.

The two template options are:

1. Alex-

2. US3

Select each option from the drop down list to see the backlit reed image showing where the reed is scraped.

The blade is extra hardened and formed into a rounded shape with a diamond grinding stone. This allows the reproduction of even the most detailed reed profiles. When exchanging the blade, the blade adjustment dial indicator makes it incredibly easy to set the perfect blade position.

The Reeds 'n Stuff transport case features a simple design that's easy to use. The foam interior allows a safe transport and provides a snug fit. The tools to use the machine can be stored in the zipper closed compartment on top of the case. The handle gives Portability wherever you need it.

Spare blades are available here. A useful accessory to the profiler is the blade adjustment indicator for when you want to replace the blade.


What is the process for sharpening the blade and roughly how often do you find that has to be done?

The lifetime of the blades is several hundred reeds. Mainly, it depends on if you prescrape. If you take the hard shell off in preparation for the profiling, it will prolong the lifetime dramatically. In Udo's experience, usually orchestra musicians sharpen their blades every one or two years. If you order the machine, our advice would be to add a spare blade. Thus, if you send your old one for resharpening you have a new one on hand.

Is the blade adjustment indicator included in the total price?

The blade adjustment indicator is not included in the price of the machine. It is an option. When the time will come to insert a new or reground blade, it is a most helpful tool to adjust the blade error and makes it hassle free. The adjustment however can be done without it as well.

Can I use the machine for all instruments of the oboe family?

Yes, the machine is built to easily swap from one instrument to another. Templates are available for oboe, English horn, oboe d´amore, Viennese oboe and baroque oboe. Because the size of the reed differs you will need to get the template, a tongue and the matching mandrel for your reeds. Call for special order of any that are not listed on our website.

Do you offer a length of scrape limiter for English horn USA Style?

The USA length of scrape limiter fits both oboe and English horn.

Read our Oboe Profiler Blog for further information.

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