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Reed Machines Bassoon Gouging Machine

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The Reed Machines bassoon gouger can be configured for various types of bassoon, baroque bassoon and contra bassoon cane. This item listing only inludes the bassoon size options. Please choose your bed, carriage, and guillotine diameters from the options lists. If additional beds, carriages, and guillotine sizes are desired with your purchase of a bassoon gouging machine, please order from the individual product listings for each of these items.

Gouging Machine Features

  • manuals will be available soon, in the meantime please look to their videos on YouTube
  • easy to use, producing accurate and high quality gouged cane
  • handles cane up to a length of 160mm
  • for an overview of available reed thickness configurations see bassoon reed thicknesses
  • can be configured for another size of cane within 1 minute by exchanging the carriage set and the bed set
  • adjustable for the thickness of the gouged cane, the end point of the stroke and an adjustable knife
  • includes an integrated guillotine with length adjustment, and the handle can be disassembled
  • table clamps are included for attaching to a table, or screws can be obtained locally for a more permanent solution

Guillotine Features

  • easy to use, making accurate and high quality cuts
  • options available for the following cane diameter ranges:
    • 20mm to 26mm (bassoon and baroque bassoon till D26)
    • 26mm to 32mm (baroque bassoon from D26, contra bassoon and contraforte)
  • the guillotine is fixed to the gouger by 1 screw and can be built over to another type within 1 minute
  • on the gouger there is a cane stop to adjust the cutting length
  • the handle of the guillotine can be disassembled for easier transport


  • Length (without guillotine handle): 320mm (12.5")
  • Width: 136mm (5.4")
  • Height: 136mm (5.4")
  • Weigth: 4,6kg (10.25 lbs)

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