Roseau Chantant

Le Roseau Chantant Gouged Oboe Cane

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Le Roseau Chantant Gouged Oboe Cane

This cane, processed by Le Roseau Chantant, is very carefully selected and gouged accurately by hand on very precise machines made by Kunibert Michel. It is available in a Medium Hard Gouge which is gouged at .58-.60mm in the center and .50mm on the sides which enables the reeds to hold a good opening. It is also available in a Medium Gouge which is gouged at .56-.58mm in the center and .45mm on the sides which makes a more quickly responsive reed. This cane is available in the 9.5-10mm diameter for high altitudes.

M = .56-.58mm in the center

MH = .58-.60mm in the center

How is this cane grown and processed?

Le Roseau Chantant offers superior quality oboe and English horn cane. The cane is harvested between December and the end of February from the botanical and animal nature reservation la Camargue in Southern France. This region is a natural refuge of rare birds, plants and animals. The alluvium soil in the Grand Rhone delta is excellent for growing Arundo Donax. The use of any pesticides is banned in the reservation which best guarantees the safety of the cane products from la Camargue region. The northern winds, le Mistral, blowing from the Alps and the moisture coming from the Mediterranean Sea makes the cane a perfect choice for oboe players around the world.

Who is Le Roseau Chantant?

Le Roseau Chantant was founded in 1998 in Montreal and since July 2007 has been based in Lyon, Southern France. The Company is a proud supplier of the highest quality professional reeds and cane of some of the most prestigious orchestras in Europe and Australia such as: Berlin Philharmonic, Vienna Philharmonic, London Symphony, l’Orchestre National de France, Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Scala di Milano, Santa Cecilia of Rome, St Petersburg Philharmonic and Mariinsy Theater Orchestras, Sydney Symphony and much more. In addition, the Company works with teachers and students in universities and conservatories around Europe, Asia and Australia. Hodge Products is the sole supplier of Le Roseau Chantant cane in North America.

Return Policy

Please note that we do not accept returns on reeds or cane unless damaged on arrival.

Reviews (2)

Roseau Chantant

Written by Bill Parrish on Jan 14th 2020

This is working great for me. The Kunibert Michel gouge is awesome


Written by on Jul 6th 2017

Excellent cane and gouge. I made some great reeds from this!

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