Glotin Gouged Bassoon Cane

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Glotin Gouged Bassoon Cane

Glotin gouged bassoon cane is 120mm in length, 135mm thick at the center, and gouged by Glotin. Sold by the piece.

The high premium quality raw material ARUNDO DONAX comes from the South of France (Fréjus-Var) where the company Glotin grows its own cane. 

The cane is grown for two years and is well kept, according to the tradition, for an additional two years. In the first Year, the cane reaches its final size and diameter. At the end of the second year, the cane is cut by hand.

Density and Flexibility

Density Average: 1.22 on a Reeds 'n Stuff Bassoon Hardness Tester, measured dry

Density Range: 1.16 - 1.30

Flexibility Average: 28.84 degrees of rotation on a Reeds 'n Stuff Flexibility machine, measured dry

Flexibility Range: 24.7 - 32.0 degrees of rotation

Return Policy

Please note that we do not accept returns on reeds or cane unless damaged on arrival.

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