English Horn Bocal - Hiniker

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English Horn Bocal - Hiniker

Hiniker bocals offer a large variety from which to choose the bocal that works best with your instrument and playing style. They are noted for their stable high register and have been chosen most often by players of Lorée, Laubin, and Marigaux instruments. The "B" model offers more projection especially with the 11mm tip. The tip length refers to how many millimeters the bocal extends inside the staple.

Bocals have a 15 day trial period from date of shipment. Any bocals returned will receive a full refund minus shipping.

Reviews (1)

Hiniker Bocal 2B13 12

Written by Josh on Oct 1st 2020

I recently purchased a Fox 580 Tristan and I was looking for a bocal to give me more projection and dynamic flexibility. The Hiniker bocal did just that. Intonation is still spot on and the color of the sound is mellow and sweet. 10/10 would recommend

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