Dutch Leg Support for Bassoon

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Dutch Leg Support for Bassoon


This leg support is used by 90% of all bassoon players in the Netherlands, both professionals and amateurs. The Dutch Leg support holds the complete weight of the bassoon and balances perfectly so there is no weight at all on the left arm. There is still complete freedom of movement while playing. The weight is taken off the left arm by a pin and plate resting on the right thigh. The weight distribution is excellent. The leg plate is lined with soft material so it doesn't create pressure marks. Since there aren't any blood vessels along the top of the thigh, it won't put your leg to sleep. The pin and plate can be adjusted separately, so that the height and angle of the leg plate can always fit the height and preferences of the individual user. It is easy to mount, but it MUST be installed by a qualified repairman, as keys need to be removed to get the band on. Instructions on mounting the leg support are available. Contact Ann at

Replacement Parts

We have some limited replacement parts available: two metal bands that become the rings around the boot joint, one screw with the larger plastic ball/grip, two screws with the smaller ball/grip, and a few regular metal screws (which probably turn the metal band into the ring). Contact us for availability or to ask about a different replacement need you may have. A nominal shipping fee may apply. Contact: or call 434-361-1945.


The leg support was first developed by Brian Pollard who was principal bassoonist of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra for 40 years. Eventually Henk de Wit, a repairman in Amsterdam, came out with a lower cost model. Others elaborated on that model with varying success. There are now two types of this support in use in the Netherlands. One was designed by Jan van Domburg, a bass player in the Netherlands. The other is this model which came from the Henk de Wit model and is now being produced by FagotAtelier Maarten Vonk. (History taken from Maarten Vonk's book, A Bundle of Joy".)

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