American Oboe Staples, Brass and Silver, 47mm

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American Oboe Staples, Brass and Silver, 47mm

Made in America! Manufactured the old-fashioned way with 75 years of experience by the same company who makes the Steven's staple, these staples continue the company's history and reputation for excellence. We are carrying four of the varieties they make which we have given the names of "Student", "Pro", "Stevens-style", and "Euro #2" which describe many of their characteristics. They come in either synthetic cork or natural cork. Synthetic cork has advantages of being less expensive, more durable, and doesn't need cork grease. Natural cork, the tried and true, traditional material used for over 100 years, tends to be a bit thicker than the synthetic version. For that reason, they work best in oboes with a large reed well and cork grease is sometimes needed when the reed well is smaller. All of these staples have relatively thick walls.


The student staple cork is beveled at the end to make it easier to insert it into the reed well, a helpful feature for young fingers. It is also made with synthetic cork which tends to fit better into student oboe reed wells. Otherwise, it is finished well with a polished finish, spiraled for good cane and thread grip, and has a traditional taper similar to Loree. A relatively thick wall gives the reed a little more resistance in the vibration and a darker, fuller tone than Loree. These staples fit best on a Pisoni mandrel.


With its continuous spiral scoring on highly polished metal and beautifully finished tip, this staple is a finely finished version of the student staple. The tip is only a slight bit smaller due to slightly thicker walls and the cork is flat at the bottom. These fit best on a Pisoni mandrel.


These staples are the closest to the popular Stevens #2 staples in taper and shape of the tip but the Stevens' tip size and base are a little larger and include an inside bevel on the tip. The Stevens-style staples have a sanded shine with double hand-scored diagonal lines and natural cork. They have the thinnest walls of the American staples. These fit best on the Pisoni mandrel.

Euro #2

As it's name implies, these staples are very similar to the traditional Chiarugi #2/Lorée/Rigotti staples. They fit on the Chiarugi #2 mandrel as well as the other listed brand mandrels. Euro #2's are finished with a polished finish and a beveled and polished tip. They have thinner walls than the student and pro American staples and are made with natural cork.


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