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220/1500 Grit Shapton Waterstone Paddle Set

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The Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener (WEPS) is at its finest with the superior Shapton Sharpening Stones. The 220 and 1500 grit Shapton stones are excellent for cleaning up some of the deeper scratches left by the 100/200 Diamond Plates and for progressing to the 5000 and 8000 Shapton WEPS stones. If the knife is not chipped, the diamond stone step can be left out.

The Shapton waterstones need to be sprayed with water during use and, unlike the Chosera, they don&#39t need soaking beforehand. Also, waterstones wear so they need to be lapped occasionally and the angles need to be checked with an angle gauge each time you use them. These are the finest waterstones there are, offering the best results over any other stones. It is worth any extra effort these stones need in caring for them.

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