"The Reed Maker's DVD" by Weber and Capps

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"The Reed Maker's DVD" by Weber and Capps

By David Weber and Ferald Capps, The Reed Maker's Video is a two-hour supplement to The Reed Maker's Manual. (There is a 40% discount if bought with the "Reed Makers Manual".) With this method, the beginner can start making reeds right away, and the professional can expand his techniques and insights. Contains aural and visual instructions that cannot be conveyed in print.

Learn the techniques for speedy and successful reed making by watching how reed making tools are held and used, and by listening to the sound of the "crow" of the reed as it progresses from "blank scrape" to finished reed. Approximately one hour of David Weber making an oboe reed and one hour of Ferald Capps making an English horn reed.

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