Wicked Edge Sharpening System

The Wicked Edge System

The Wicked Edge is a precision engineered, manual sharpening machine. It was designed with very exacting standards to consistently deliver an incredible, razor sharp edge. While the results are excellent, it is easy to use and does not require special knowledge or skills to use.

The advantages of this system:

  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Highly repeatable system
  • Allows you to consistently have razor sharp reed knives
  • Eliminates a major source of frustration and inconsistency for reed makers
  • Allows you to spend more time making and finishing reeds instead of slaving over your knives
  • Benchmark - Wicked Edge provides a consistent standard to know what a sharp edge actually feels like.

Having a sharp knife is simply one of the most critical aspects to reed making - Many people struggle to attain a sharp reed knife. Even those who have mastered traditional methods love how quickly and how much more consistently Wicked Edge sharpens their knives!

  • Quick - The Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpener allows you to quickly attain a razor sharp knife.
  • Touch ups only take about 5 minutes. Even knife sharpening masters are now using Wicked Edge because it is so much quicker and more consistent than traditional methods.
  • Restore Old Knives - One almost miraculous use of Wicked Edge is in restoring older unusable knives. In a matter of minutes, knives that have been sitting idle for years, can be restored to like-new condition - thus saving the cost of replacement.
  • Extends the life of your knives -Wicked Edge sharpens so precisely that the wear on your knives is reduced to a minimum - prolonging the life of your expensive knives.

In a reed room, it can be used to train students to know what a sharp knife feels like, equipping them to recognize the goal when using other methods of sharpening. Then they will be able to confidently sharpen their knives using traditional sharpening methods when the Wicked Edge system is no longer available to them.

This system is versatile for various levels of sharpening needs. The various systems are listed below. For the most economical level, choose the diamond pack. For sharpening Rigotti-type knives, the ceramic pack or higher should be used. Waterstones produce the finest edges with Chosera being very good. However, if you are convinced of the importance of a superior edge on your reed knife, the Shapton pack should be your choice.

All orders, except Shapton paddle sets, will be drop shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Links for setup and use information:

What Angles to Use?

Basic Setup Instructions

Knives that tilt in the vice

Creating a burr



Using Chosera Waterstones

Use the Jende Steel for setting the burr after sharpening

Advanced Techniques - See Tom Blodgett's video using Wicked Edge with Chosera Waterstones to sharpen a Jende knife.

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