Roseau Chantant

Le Roseau Chantant Oboe Tube Cane - 1/2 kilo bag (1.1 pounds)

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Le Roseau Chantant Oboe Tube Cane - 1/2 kilo bag

Le Roseau Chantant offers superior quality hand selected tube cane from the botanical and animal nature reservation la Camargue in Southern France. This region is a natural refuge of rare birds, plants and animals. Te alluvium soil in the grand Rhone delta is excellent for growing Arundo Donax. The use of pesticides is banned in the reservation which best guaranties the safety of the cane products from la Camargue region. The Northern Winds le Mistral blowing from the Alps and the moisture coming from the Mediterranean Sea makes the cane a perfect choice for oboe players around the world. 

The tube cane has been matured for a minimum 2 ½ to 5 years. It has a nice smooth structure, yellow to golden color and it is well selected in diameter. Le Roseau Chantant tube cane is not resorted by Hodge Products and is sold by the 1/2 kilo instead of the half pound.

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    oboe tube cane Le Rouseau Chantant

    Posted by anonymous on Jun 7th 2018

    I would like a little more straight tube cane in the package