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Bjorklund Reedworks - Intermediate Oboe Reed

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Bjorklund Reedworks - Intermediate Student Reeds


Bjorklund Reedworks Student Oboe Reeds are great for beginner to intermediate levels of players looking for a responsive, stable, and in tune reed.  These reeds are well balanced and the tone is well focused. Even though these reeds are labeled student by the maker, they have a professional feel to them.
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Keith Bjorklund

Keith Bjorklund, maker of Bjorklund Reedworks reeds, has been enjoying the craft and challenge of making reeds for over 16 years. He has been selling reeds professionally since 2012. It's important to him that his reeds allow the music you embody to flow freely and not hinder your creative expression. He is a teacher and musician living in Chicago, Illinois. He focuses on making music a fun, relevant and enriching experience. He studied under Dr. Charles Veazey at the University of North Texas and Scott Hostetler at Northwestern University.

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Reviews (4)

Bjorklund Reedworks - Student Oboe Reed

Written by Donna Bekowitz on Jan 30th 2020

I bought this reed because I need a reed that is easy to play. It is too stiff for a beginner and I cannot use it.

Better than a “student” reed

Written by Lynn Hansen on Sep 9th 2018

I occasionally order reeds from multiple suppliers in search of great reeds for students. After reading Ann Hodge’s comparison chart about the reeds she sells I ordered one reed from each of three of those reed makers; the Bjorklund student reed was one of those. I was really impressed with the stability, tone quality and easy response of that reed. It was much better than some “pro model” reeds I have tried.

good quality

Written by TIna Nicholson on Mar 8th 2018

seems to do a fine job

Chicago Obe Reed

Written by Claire McCarthy on Feb 21st 2017

I have tried the medium and medium hard. Both are very well balanced and play easily. The medium hard is not too hard to blow and has a good amount of resistance. They consistently have a focused and stable tone throughout the range. I have not had to make any pitch adjustments. I like this reed very much. It carries in a large band and the dynamics are easily produced for a chamber orchestra.

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