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Ambipoly Synthetic American Pro Medium Oboe Reed

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Ambipoly Synthetic American Pro Medium Oboe Reed

Produced by Silverstein Works, AMBIPOLY reeds offer the world's only synthetic oboe reed

AMBIPOLY is a unique and proprietary water-absorbing, shape-memorizing, climate-independent symphonic material. The polymer was specially designed by Silverstein Works for its sound production, durability, consistency and longevity.

The cane-like qualities of the AMBIPOLY material were carefully designed to produce a familiar feel with a true symphonic sound. This means that the reeds play with a solid working resistance and yield full harmonics in all registers with a strong projection.

Unlike other synthetic reeds, the AMBIPOLY reeds absorb water. The presence of the water molecules amplifies the projection as well as coheres an authentic sound rich with overtones. The reed remains hydrated for over 5 hours and easily rehydrates without any of the warping, splitting, cracking or curling associated with cane.

AMBIPOLY maintains a constant, uniform playability and is impervious to such instabilities brought about by changes in temperature, altitude, humidity, weather, climate, etc.

Given proper care, the reed is expected to last around 12 months of daily use, or about 700 hours of playing.

Silverstein's injection molding process avoids the structural damage and stress put on the reed by other manufacturing processes — such as CNC machining — and also achieves much smaller error tolerances.

Although the American PRO reed will play “right out of the box,” it is also intentionally designed for the further individualization of each player. If desired, AMBIPOLY reeds can be scraped, clipped and worked with standard reed tools. The material works and responds to adjustment familiarly like cane, in order to achieve your desired response. The length (and pitch) is easily adjusted, as well as the stock staple is able to be changed. The reed tips are also thicker with more material to allow for customized scraping and/or clipping.

The reed can be removed for the #1 K. Ge Bocal Keflon staple and placed on other staples for additional customization. It is recommended that you play for fifteen minutes on a to allow the reed to adjust to the new staple.

AMBIPOLY is a recyclable, food-grade material that is easily sanitized.

See our review of the AMBIPOLY American Oboe Reed.

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