Adam Shaper Tips

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Hodge Products, Inc. has acquired Adam Shaper Tips, maker of the popular line of double reed shaper tips including Caleb-1, Sampson+1, and Joshua+2.  Oboist, Jean Landa, and machinist, David Morley, founded Adam Shaper Tips. David Morley later took complete ownership of the company.

Ann Hodge, president of Hodge Products, says, “Adam Shaper Tips have been our best selling shaper tips for many years.  I personally use the Joshua+2 for oboe, and the Mimi for English horn.  With the retirement of David Morley we want to ensure continuation of this line of shaper tips."



All shaper tips have a 30-day trial period. Compare several, choose one, and send back the rest for a full refund minus shipping. Returns after the 30-day trial period will be subject to a 10% restocking fee in addition to the cost of shipping, but must be returned in like new condition.